Song and Dance

Welcome to the download page for my new harp album Song and Dance. On this page you can either download some or all of the 15 tracks on the album as individual MP3 files or you can download one large MP3 that includes the entire album. In fact, you are welcome to do both. You may also use this page to listen to the tracks while you're visiting. It's as simple as (depending on your browser) "Right click to download" and "Left click to play."

If you'd like to have a CD, please call.

I hope this album brings you peace and enjoyment.


Chose the track(s) you wish to download or listen to from the MP3s listed below - the full album MP3 is the last item listed.
1. Bernard Andres: Petits Pas No.6 ...2:28

2. Bernard Andres: Gavotte ...1:46

3. Bernard Andres: Petits Pas No.2 ...:56

4. Bernard Andres: Petits Pas No.1 ...1:55

5. Marcel Grandjany: Pastoral ...1:53

6. Bernard Andres: Petits Pas No.12 ...1:12

7. Bernard Andres: Petits Pas No.4 ...1:16

8. Bernard Andres: Menuet ....2:58

9. Marcel Grandjany: Reverie ...1:23

10. Michel Legrand: Umbrellas of Cherbourg
(arranged by Marjorie Call) ...3:01

11. Lionel Bart: Where Is Love?
(arranged by Ray Pool) ...2:55

12. Luiz Bonfa: A Day In The Life Of A Fool
(arranged by Paul Baker) ...3:23

13. George Gershwin: Summertime
(arranged by Paul Baker) ...2:44

14. Alan Menkin: A Whole New World
(arranged by Paul Baker) ...3:27

15. Harold Arlen: Over the Rainbow
(arranged by Paul Baker) ...2:21

Click anywhere in this box to download the entire
album as one soothing 35 minute MP3